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Report on the 5th ACDE Conference and General Assembly March, 2017

ACDE 5th Conference and General Assembly was held on 6th - 9th March, 2017 in Khartoum-Sudan. Download details here Report on the 5th ACDE Conference and General Assembly March, 2017.doc.

Video of the Proceedings of 5th ACDE Conference and General Assembly

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ACDE Pre - Conference 2017

ACDE Pre - Conference 2017 was held on 4th March, 2017. Download details here 5th ACDE Pre Conference Workshop Report.doc.

ACDE Conference 2017

The 5th African Council for Distance Education Conference and General Assembly hosted by the Open University of Sudan and held at the Republic of Sudan  was very peaceful and  successful. The  Pre Conference  activities; ACDE Programme Steering Committee and the  Sub Committee meetings, the Workshop training on Open Educational Resources and the 33rd Executive Board meeting were held as scheduled.

At the Conference, the key note presenters  did  good job. The break away sessions were well attended  with paper presentations. Conference participants contributed to the success of the conference by asking questions, passing relevant comments and giving suggestions that could lead to improvement in the papers that were  presented.Participants were from Africa and beyond..Several participants were from Arabian countries.

The Open University of Sudan and the Al neelain University worked  harmoniously to make the Conference participants comfortable and happy and secured. Both Al neelain University and the Open University of Sudan  provided dinner on each day with Sudanese special  flavor throughout the period of the Conference.

An arrangement was also made for a  pleasurable cruise  on the Great Blue Nile during which there was lunch followed by gifts of souvenir  for the ACDE delegates from the OUS and the Al neelain University. It was indeed a period to be remembered for many years to come.

The 5th General Assembly was held on the 9th March, 2017 during which important issues were mentioned and discussed. Elections were also held in to the various vacant positions of the ACDE Executive Board peacefully. Kindly find attached, a list of the members of the new ACDE Executive Board.

At the close of the ACDE activities, a recommendation  which was made  at  the 33rd  ACDE Executive Board meeting   for the Laweh Open University College Ghana to hold the 6th ACDE Conference and General Assembly in 2020 was approved   by the General Assembly


  • Lobby African governments through relevant agencies to provide ODL institutions with infrastructure and equipment to enable member institutions to develop quality academic programmes.
  • Formulate open education policies (OERs, ODL) to enable seamless delivery of ODL.
  • Provide relevant programmes that will address the development needs of the knowledge economy
  • Operationalize ODL through systems and structures that support ODL provision
  • Improve and create awareness of the quality provision for distance education
  • Develop capacity on instructional design, facilitation, assessment and emerging concepts
  • Show evidence of research and document processes to demonstrate the efficiency of ODL
  • Harness the affordances of technologies in teaching and learning practices
  • Improve teacher training through ODL mode of deliveries
  • Establish learning centre for research in ODL
  • Market ODL as a viable delivery mechanism for people who may not be able to attend courses full time
  • Encourage contact institutions to consider providing courses through ODL mode
  • Promote collaborative activities with international organization for capacity building in areas of practice and research
  • Use ODL methods to reach students in conflict areas and develop courses on peace education
  • Establish national ODL associations
  • ODL institutions should embrace support systems for students in prisons including the students with disabilities and the nomadic learners
  • Provide non-academic support for learners in Open and Distance Education
  • Encourage ODL to be provided at secondary school level
  • Need for the development of research in order to measure the impact of ODL provision
  • Need to recognize distance education programmes
  • Document the history of distance education in Sudan

Conference Highpoints